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Saturday, August 15 & Sunday, August 16, 2020
Thursday, August 13, and Friday, August 14, 2020
Saturday, August 8, and Sunday, August 9, 2020
Friday, August 7, 2020
Saturday, August 1 & Sunday, August 2
Thursday, July 30 & Friday, July 31
  • Message from Chris Brubeck

    Images courtesy of Brubeck Living LegacyMy family and I, the administration and faculty, and supporters of the Brubeck Jazz Summit are very sorry to be postponing our inaugural summer program. There has been a ton of work going on behind…

  • Summit Notes: Sylvia Cuenca

    Brubeck Jazz Summit: Sylvia! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to catch up. Let’s start with your introduction to jazz and your instrument.

    Sylvia Cuenca: I’m originally from San Jose, California. The San Francisco Bay Area has always been a hub…

  • Summit Notes: Carmen Bradford

    Grammy-nominee, resident and head of the Jazz Voice Department at Roots, Jazz, and American Music at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Brubeck Jazz Summit Jazz Voice Instructor, and jazz royalty.
    Ladies and Gentleman,
    Brubeck Jazz Summit: Thank you for your time, Carmen!…

  • Summit Notes: Jason Hainsworth

    Brubeck Jazz Summit: We’ve started each Summit Notes interviews with the esteemed musicians and Brubeck Jazz Summit faculty with an inquiry on their introduction to jazz.

    Family has played an outsized role.

    Brandon Roberston’s mother was a gospel singer who enrolled him in…

  • Summit Notes: Simon Rowe

    Brubeck Jazz Summit: Hi Simon! Thanks for your time. Let’s jump right in with an inquiry on your introduction to jazz and the piano.
    Simon Rowe: Having taken the obligatory classical piano lessons in elementary school, I began playing cornet and…

  • Summit Notes: Brandon Robertson

    Brubeck Jazz Summit: Tell us about your music education background and how it evolved.

    Brandon Robertson: My mother was a gospel singer growing up and I was always surrounded by music. When I was in 5th grade, my mother enrolled me in a…

  • Pianist Svetlana Smolina’s Euphoria

    By Sean McAlindin – July 24, 2019

    Be it genius or praxis, it is a special artist who holds a natural ability to communicate emotionally, intellectually and energetically through music.

    “I really love playing,” says Svetlana Smolina, a Russian pianist born in…