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ian weiss


Ian Weiss is a native of New York City.  His first career was art gallery management and sales.  Interacting with an international clientele led him to pursue an interest in currency trading, investment strategies, and a Wall Street career at MJ Whitman and AG Edwards. Following the tragedy that occurred on Sept 11, 2001, Ian decided to leave New York.  In 2003, Ian retired from corporate finance and moved to Lake Tahoe.  His deep love of music, the arts and automobiles came with him.

Ian currently runs a family office, is a board member of Classical Tahoe and served as President for two wonderful seasons.

A former board member of Seeds of Peace, 45 W 67th St. condominium, and Pet Network.

His current passions include private investing, consulting, photography, SCUBA and raising 3 amazing children and 1 special Portuguese Water Dog.