What is a Masterclass?

A masterclass is an opportunity for a student to experience a special teaching session with a professional musician teacher in a group setting.


Who can participate?

For 2018, this opportunity will be open to high school musicians who play string, woodwind and brass. (*Each masterclass focus to be determined by the largest number of applicants for a specific instrument.)


How long will my session last?

Each individual session is 20-25 minutes.  The masterclass is 2 hour; you will observe the other students, and they will observe your session.


Where will the sessions be?

In Incline Village at our Pavilion on the Sierra Nevada Campus located at 291 Country Club Drive.


When is it?

The schedule is one 2-hour masterclass each week of the Classical Tahoe Festival.

Week 1: Strings, July 26th, 2018 @3pm
Week 2: Winds, August 2nd, 2018 @3pm
Week 3: Brass, August 9th, 2018 @ 3pm

How are the student participants chosen?

You must be a high-school student, with a recommendation from your teacher.
You fill out an Application.

You audition, through submitting a YouTube or Soundcloud link, or

You can schedule a live audition in Incline Village, during the late spring. Date TBD.


Why should I do this?

Working with a professional performing musician is very exciting – both for the student and those listening.  We all learn something – together! These musicians may make the same observations as your teacher does, but phrase it so you experience things in a new way – they have lots of wonderful tips and techniques that they can share – and their love of music-making is contagious.  If you want to feel more confident playing your instrument, this opportunity is for you!


We gratefully acknowledge the Firefly Scientists’ Foundation for assisting Classical Tahoe in establishing these teaching and learning opportunities, and thank our Co-presenters Cymbal Foundation  and Blue Note B Horn Shop.

Please download the Student Permission & Liability Waiver, fill it out with your parents and send back in order to be enrolled.

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