Note-Able Music Therapy Services

The music therapy pilot program aims to serve three refugee families with six weeks of experiential music therapy from Note-Able Music Therapy Services. The program is designed to increase family bonding. A possible culmination in a final performance will depend on participant desires. Participants are invited to attend Classical Tahoe family events and Music Institute programs as they are able. The Women & Children’s Center of the Sierra will also be supported through the purchase of small percussion instruments to be used by their clients.


The mission of Note-Able Music Therapy Services is to create lasting change in the lives of people of all abilities through music. 


The vision of Note-Able Music Therapy Services is to create a community where every person can access, experience, and connect through music. 


Our work is guided by our belief in and commitment to:

  • Inclusion – We believe in the value of each person’s voice and presence, regardless of life circumstance.
  • Health for All – We all deserve to thrive in all dimensions of our lives.
  • Participation – Music, just like life, is best when you participate fully.
  • Fun – Fun and play are critical elements of life for everyone.
  • Excellence – We bring the best we have to every class, session, and song, to serve our participants’ and families’ well being.
  • Collaboration – Our vision will become reality only through support of volunteers, donors, fans, collaborators, and partners.

Note-Able Music Therapy Services History

The Beginning

Note-Able Music Therapy Services started in 1999 as a music class at the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living. The class quickly became the performing group, The Note-Ables. Then, in 2003 The Note-Ables became a nonprofit and began providing music therapy and adaptive music, along with the performance group.

The Note-Ables Becomes Note-Able Music Therapy Services

Until January of 2012, Note-Able Music Therapy Services was officially know as The Note-Ables. Even though the organization had been providing music therapy services since it started, the name did not reflect this. As programs grew, the staff and board realized they needed to raise awareness of music therapy. One of the first steps in that process was to change the name of The Note-Ables to include the words ‘music therapy.’

Two Different Missions

Note-Able Music Therapy Services is the only nonprofit music therapy agency in Nevada and is committed to creating lasting change in the lives of people of all abilities. The Note-Ables performance group has their own mission to change the face of disability through the power of music.

Where NMTS is Now

NMTS serves more 100 children and adults per week at McKinley Arts and Culture Center. In early 2018, NMTS launched the Sierra Music Therapy Clinic, providing neurologic music therapy for people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological disorders.

NMTS also serves an additional 2,000+ individuals per year through collaborative programs and workshops.

Current services include on-site classes and individualized music therapy, neurologic music therapy at Sierra Music Therapy Clinic, community performances and workshops, and music therapy contracts and collaborations with multiple agencies throughout the region.

The Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra (WACCS) provides services to support women as they work to move out of poverty and improve their lives. Our comprehensive approach includes ESL and GED (HiSet) education, job search and preparation, a free diaper bank, crisis intervention, and information and referrals for any other community service a woman may need to move forward in her life.

WACCS serves women as they work toward their individual goals on their journey out of poverty and away from public safety net programs. We counsel, educate, support, encourage, guide and otherwise empower women as they strive to transform their lives.