Classical Tahoe Young Musician's Masterclasses

Announcing! A chance for Tahoe-area young musicians to learn from seasoned professionals, gain performance confidence, and be supported by their peers.  Student will be chosen through an audition process, for more information, please see details below.

Who will be teaching? Many of the Classical Tahoe musicians hold Principal positions in their famous orchestras; and even though they are at the top of their craft, the Classical Tahoe orchestra members are just as generous and open-hearted as they are talented.  They often they teach in conservatories and universities in their home cities, and… many of them have their own kids who love music-making!

About the musicians of the Classical Tahoe Orchestra: These superb musicians are individually invited from some of the most prominent orchestras in the United States.  The musicians come to Tahoe for 3 weeks each summer to create a “place apart” in which to make great music together, and to share their artistry through performance and teaching.

Registration for summer 2020 is not yet open