Frederica Von Stade

Frederica von Stade

Composer of Operas

Jake Heggie

Jacques Offenbach: “Ah! quell diner!” from La Périchole

Libretto: Henri Meilhac and Ludovich Halévy

Ah! quel diner je viens de faire!
Et quel vin extraordinaire!
J’en ai tant mangé… mais tant et tant,
Que je crois bien que maintenant
Je suis un peu grise…
Mais chut!
Faut pas qu’on le dise!
Si ma parole est un peu vague,
Si tout en marchant je zigzague,
Et si mon oeil est égrillard,
Il ne faut s’en étonner, car…
Je suis un peu grise…
Faut pas qu’on le dise!

Ah! What a lunch I have just had,
And what extraordinary wine!
I drank so much of it, so much, so much,
That I am fairly certain that now
I am a little tipsy.
But shh!
We must not let anyone know–
If my speech is somewhat vague,
If while walking I zigzag,
If my eye wanders,
Do not be astonished, because
I am a little tipsy
We must not let anyone know–

English translation from various sources

Gustav Mahler: Liebst du um Schönheit (If You Love for Beauty)

Poetry: Friedrich Rückert

Liebst du um Schönheit,
O nicht mich liebe!
Liebe die Sonne,
Sie trägt ein goldnes Haar.
Liebst du um Jugend,
O nicht mich liebe!
Liebe den Frühling,
Der jung ist jedes Jahr.
Liebst du um Schätze,
O nicht mich liebe!
Liebe die Meerfrau,
Sie hat viel Perlen klar.
Liebst du um Liebe,
O ja, mich liebe!
Liebe mich immer,
Dich lieb’ ich immerdar.

If you love for beauty,
O love not me!
Love the sun,
She has golden hair.
If you love for youth,
O love not me!
Love the spring
Which is young each year.
If you love for riches,
O love not me!
Love the mermaid
Who has many shining pearls.
If you love for love,
Ah yes, love me!
Love me always,
I shall love you ever more.

English Translation: Richard Stokes, author of The Book
of Lieder, published by Faber. Provided courtesy of
Oxford Lieder (

Heggie: “Primary Colors” from Deepest Desire: Four Meditations on Love

Words by Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ

I live my life in primary colors.
I let praise or blame fall where they may.
I hold my soul in equanimity
And leave the fruits of my labors to God.
At night, when I pray, I catch on fire;
And when I put my head on the pillow,
I fall instantly to sleep.