How to Watch

Classical Tahoe on PBS Reno
How to Watch Classical Tahoe on PBS Reno Locally

Beginning January 1st, 2021, PBS Reno will broadcast Classical Tahoe on Fridays at 9:30PM Pacific with an encore broadcast Sundays at 4PM Pacific. Watch locally on PBS Reno – channel 5.1 via broadcast television, satellite, or Spectrum cable.

PBS Reno serves northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Truckee, and several areas in northeastern California. A map of our coverage area is included below. You can also turn on your local PBS station, and if it says PBS Reno in the lower right-hand corner, you’re in the right place!

How To Watch Classical Tahoe from Anywhere in the World

PBS Reno Website 

All episodes will be available free of charge at New episodes will be available each Friday at 10:30PM Pacific, immediately following their on-air debut. This content is available on-demand and worldwide through and will continue to be hosted indefinitely.

PBS Video App 

The Classical Tahoe series is also available free of charge on the PBS Video app on your smart TV, iOS device, or Android device. Simply search for Classical Tahoe to view the performances. Each performance will be available at 10:30PM on the Friday of its on-air debut. The PBS Video app does not require membership or any purchase and is available worldwide.

Do I need to be a member to watch Classical Tahoe on PBS Reno?

No! The programs are available free of charge on broadcast television, on and via the PBS Video app.

What is the cost to watch Classical Tahoe on the PBS Video app or on

It is free! PBS Reno is proud to bring this is series to our region and around the globe free of charge. Simply go to or install the PBS Video app to watch these programs on demand.

I am a member of my local PBS, but not PBS Reno, can I watch through my app?

Absolutely! Just open the PBS Video app and search for “Classical Tahoe”. Each episode will be available at 10:30pm Pacific on Fridays following its on air debut.

When will each episode be available?

On PBS Reno. Episodes will broadcast beginning Friday, January 1st, 2021 at 9:30pm Pacific Time with an encore presentation on Sundays at 4pm Pacific. Subsequent episodes will air weekly in that time slot through February 7th.

On and the PBS Video app. Episodes will be available on Fridays following the on-air debut. These episodes will be available on demand.

Will the episodes be available to re-watch after February 7? Where?

You can watch each episode again on or via the PBS Video app following its on-air debut.