Saturday, August 14

7pm PDT
Live Stream


“Brubeck @ 100” with the Classical Tahoe Orchestra

Gabriela Díaz-Alatriste, conductor

The Basie Band is Back in Town
Dave Brubeck, arr. Chris Brubeck

In Your Own Sweet Way
Dave Brubeck, arr. Howard Brubeck

Dave Brubeck, arr. Chris Brubeck

Brandenburg Gate Revisited
Dave Brubeck, arr. Matt Brubeck

Dave Brubeck, arr. Russell Gloyd


The Blues and Beyond – Concerto for Trumpet, Bass Trombone,
and Orchestra
Composed & orchestrated by Chris Brubeck

I. Hunt for the Souls

Billy Hunter, trumpet
Chris Brubeck, bass trombone

Unsquare Dance
Dave Brubeck. Arrangement & lyrics by Chris Brubeck

Strange Meadowlark
Dave Brubeck, arr. Chris Brubeck

Take Five
Paul Desmond, arr. Chris Brubeck

Blue Rondo a la Turk
Dave Brubeck, arr. Darius Brubeck

Brubeck Brothers Quartet:
Chris Brubeck, fretless bass, bass trombone, piano
Dan Brubeck, drums
Mike DeMicco, guitar
Chuck Lamb, piano

Selections may be subject to change

Gabriela Díaz-Alatriste’s appearance at Classical Tahoe is made possible by Florence and Steven Goldby.