Classical Tahoe is made possible, in part, through generous donations from the following:

Carol Franc Buck Foundation
FS Foundation


$10,000 and above

Julia Amaral and Mark Strate
Maureen and Ron Ashley
Bently Foundation
Estel and Wally Binder
Marna Broida
Renee and Steve Bouck
Carol Franc Buck Foundation
Confidence Foundation
Charles Dowd and Susan Maturlo
Anne and Roger H. Forbes
Florence and Steven Goldby
Sandy and Steven Hardie
Daniel Hahn, Bennington
Anh-Tuyet Nguyen and Robert Pollock
Madylon B. and Dean Meiling
M.E.G. Memorial Fund for Creative Arts
Beth and Scott Minick
National Endowment for the Arts
Nevada Arts Council
Nightingale Family Foundation
Janet Pahl and Warren Kocmond
Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation
Linda and Alvaro Pascotto
Bob and Eleanor Preger
Timothy and Holly Racich, and family
Reno Tahoe USA
Laurie and Silvio Ricardi
Linda Brinkley and Ron Randolph-Wall
Kern Schumacher
Sierra Nevada University
Claire and Steven Stull
Ian Weiss
Leslie Wittmann and Michael Blaszyk
Whittier Trust


$5,000 – $9,999

Ashley Quinn, CPAs and Consultants, Ltd.
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
Carole Anderson
Sandra and Ricardo Cesped
Joan Duffield and Tim Burns
Kim & Pete Garcia
Michael Gross and Joan Lecoq
Thelma B and Thomas P. Hart Foundation
Sara and Leonard Lafrance
Joan Lamb
North Lake Tahoe
Charlotte McConnell and Dick McConnell
Susan Pridmore and Dr. Myles Riner
William Ramsey
Heidemarie Rochlin
Travel Nevada
Christine and John E. Sells, Sells Foundation
Monica Young

music lover

$1,000 – $4,999

David Anderson and Nancy Kaible
Cynthia and Ron Allison
Steve and Ina Bauman
Jeffrey & Mary Berns
Sandra Cath and David Contis
Karen and Lindsay Craig
Carlotta and Robert Dathe
Teresa and Jim Perez
William Douglass
Robert W. Felton and Lindsay Wallis
Sharon and Dale Fiehler
Cathy and Edward Filusch
Sally and Jerry Flanzer
Susan and Jonathan Goldstein
Jerome Guillen
Sevim Larsen
Janet Napolitano
Antonia Neubauer
Barry & Lori Nudelman
Ralph Miller and Kyungae Bae
Allan O’Connor & Anne Studabaker
Julie & Craig Rauchle
Linda and Jerry Ruttenbur
Suzanne and Jay Simon
DJ & Diane Smith
Carolyn Tolf
Leslie and Eric Wall
Robert Wolff and Diane Hunninghake
Jim and Lisa Zaccheo


up to $999

Glenn Addleman
Lori and Steve Bard
Brigid Barton
Carole Bernardi
John and Lynette Branagh
Gene Brockman
Shirley Bennett
Robin and Jim Beres
Anne Beroza
Gene Brockman
Bonnie Cassel
Katie and Roger Christensen
Patricia Cunningham
Lynn and Richard Cusac
Diana Dillaway
Jennifer and Mike Efstratis
Sharon Ekin
Robert Elo
Paul Eykamp, Stephanie Jensen and Family
Don and Jackie Feinstein
Gail Flynn
Hilary and Daniel Fylstra
Elyce Gall and Dana Gauthier
Dave Garese
Christine Gordon
Mary Ann Green
Chris & Marsha Harley
Martha Jane Holman
Lynn and Bob Johnston
Judith and Chip Kaplove
Veronica Kaufman
Barbara Keck
Lynn & Russ Kotlicky
Terry & Bill Krivan
Joan Kraft
Judith Kroger
Shinn and Grace Lee
Cindy Levit
Timothy Lyons
Mary Kay Matossian
Meri McEneny
Denise Miller
Mary Miller
Reinhild Moeller
Deanne & Sean Moore
Kelly & Tom Neville
Allan O’Connor and Anne Studabake
Margaret Parker
Dr. Daniel and Mary Peterson
Tess Peterson
Khal Pluckhan
Greg and Patty Raleigh
Whitney Roodhouse
Allison Robinson
Murray Rosenthal
Joe Sachs
Nancy and Wolfram Schynoll
Lyn and Douglas Sherer
Sue Singh
J.J. Stupp
Wayne Sawka
Tyler Simonton
Gordon Tsuchiya
Marci and Mario Valente
Debra and Jaap Van Opstal
Raymond B. Weiss
Maria Wets
Whitesell Family Charitable Fund
Allison and Gary Winston
H James Wulfsberg
Helen Trop-Zell & Jerrold Zell