$10,000 and above

Anonymous Family Foundation
Ron and Maureen Ashley
Marna Broida and Ian Weiss
Carol Franc Buck Foundation
Confidence Foundation
Dolan Lexus
Florence and Steven Goldby
Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau
Dr. Michael and Nora Lacey
Beth and Scott Minick
Laurie and Silvio Ricardi
Julia Amaral and Mark Strate
Jillian Torrez and Dennis Baltimore
Smallwood Family Trust
Whittier Trust


$5,000 – $9,999

Ashley Quinn, CPAs and Consultants, Ltd.
Estel and Wally Binder
Renee Bouck
Educational Pathways Intl’
Roger H. Forbes
Brooks Johnson in honor of my Darling Sue
Janet Pahl
Linda and Alvaro Pascotto
Susan Pridmore and Dr. Miles Riner
Heidemarie Rochlin
Kern Schumacher
Claire and Steven Stull
Reno Tahoe USA
Christine and John E. Sells, Sells Foundation
Linda Brinkley and Ron Randolph-Wall

music lover

$1,000 – $4,999

David Anderson
Arkansas Community Foundation
Asset Consulting Group
Ronald Allison
Edward Boleky
William Douglass
Wayne Eckert
Edward and Cathy Filusch
Waltraud Finch
Joan Lamb
Janet Napolitano
Linda and Richard Offerdahl
Linda and Jerry Ruttenbur
Shaheen Shaheen
William Stensrud


up to $999

Mark Barmann
John and Lynette Branagh
Anne Beroza
Susan Drack
William Douglass
Stuart Dunn
Robert Eberhart
Sharon Ekin
Robert Elo
Candace Evart
ExxonMobil Foundation
Don and Jackie Feinstein
Jerry and Sally Flanzer
Gail Flynn
Stephanie Fountaine
Hilary Fylstra
Paul Gessford
Mary Ann Green
Randall Greer
Ralph Guggenheim
Margaret Harkness
Rod Hedlund
Nicholas Hinkell
Marlis Hofmann
Monica Houghton
Farida Jamin
Veronica Kaufman
Fan Kong
Russell Kotlicky
Terry & Bill Krivan
Judith Kroger
Sevim Larsen
Timothy Lyons
James Matthews
Maureen Mullarkey-Miller
Cynthia OMalley
Khal Pluckhan
Susan Pridmore
Whitney Roodhouse
Murray Rosenthal
Ines Slot
Sandra Taylor
Carolyn Tolf
Debra Van Opstal
Keith Van Winkle
Keith Vogt
Ann Wagner
Susan and Bradford Wait
Janet Weaver
Raymond B. Weiss
Maria Wets
Sue Singh
Jan Stevens
Abigal Stevenson
Tahoe Fab LLC
Whitesell Family Charitable Fund