Ron & Maureen Ashley Oasis Chamber Music Series: 1st Sunday

Sunday, July 24 | 5pm

Purchase Tickets: 5pm

Sunday, July 24 | 7pm

Purchase Tickets: 7pm

Wine Reception in the Garden | 6pm (all ticket holders invited to this reception)

📍Ron & Maureen Ashley Oasis

🎵 Chamber Music

Concert At A Glance

  • Enjoy intimate chamber music in a beautiful oasis and meet the musicians at a garden reception. 🌲🧀🍷
  • Dvorák wrote this Terzetto to be played by himself on viola, a violinist friend, and his friend’s violin student. Dvorák got carried away and the finished work proved too difficult for the student to play (he quickly wrote a second much simpler terzetto Op.75a as consolation!)
  • The Septet was Beethoven’s most popular work during his lifetime. Come to the concert and you’ll quickly find out why!

What You'll Hear


Antonín Dvořák: Terzetto, Op. 74 for 2 violins and viola 

Ludwig van Beethoven: Septet, Op. 20 for violin, viola, cello, bass, clarinet, bassoon, and horn 

6pm: “Meet the Musicians” Wine Reception in the Garden

Featured Artists

Classical Tahoe Orchestra Musicians

The Classical Tahoe Orchestra is composed of 70 of the most prominent musicians from major orchestras around the world, including the MET Opera, SF Opera, Zurich Opera, Philadelphia Orchestra, LA Philharmonic, and symphonies of San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Toronto, Houston, and more.


Antonín Dvorák: Terzetto in C major, op. 74 

5:00 p.m. Performance:
Yurika Mok and Rachel Golub, violin
Désirée Elsevier, viola

7:00 p.m. performance:
Brian Krinke and Ruth Lenz, violin
Sarah Adams, viola

Ludwig van Beethoven: Septet in E-flat major, op. 20

5:00 p.m. Performance:
Xiao-Dong Wang, violin
Catherine Ro, viola
Lanny Paykin, cello
Daniel Krekeler, bass
Ixi Chen, clarinet
Whitney Crockett, bassoon
Stewart Rose, horn

7:00 p.m. Performance:
Kay Stern, violin
Katarzyna Bryla-Weiss, viola
Wendy Sutter, cello
Jeremy McCoy, bass
Daniel Gilbert, clarinet
Erik Holtje, bassoon
Anne Scharer, horn


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