Thyra Altunin

Box Office Attendant

Born and raised in Incline Village, Thyra-Lilja Altunin joined the Classical Tahoe staff as Administrative Assistant in 2017 and again as Box Office Assistant in 2018 after volunteering at the festival every year since 2012.

Thyra just completed her first year of undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh as a Classics (study of ancient Greece and Rome) and Music (focusing on music history) double major. A musician herself, Thyra has played piano for 14 years, violin for 11, organ for 1 year, and has sung in multiple choirs in the Pittsburgh area. In school, Thyra focuses on the study of ancient Greek music, and this summer will be presenting her research on the performance of the music in the Homeric epics at a graduate conference on ancient Greek and Roman music to be held at Oxford University. In addition, Thyra will be headed to Rome from June 9th to July 20th to participate in an internship in the Paideia Institute developing educational curriculum to teach younger children about Latin and different aspects of ancient Roman culture (specifically music.)

In her free time Thyra enjoys practicing, playing and listening to music, reading all the historical fiction books she can get her hands on, reviewing ancient Greek grammar, baking, hiking and spending time with her siblings.